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A few years ago I was performing at several wineries on the Central Coast of California.  My repertoire included some of my original songs, and I enjoyed putting my own spin to songs from other writers.  Songs written by The Beatles, Bee Gees, John Sebastian, James Taylor, George Gershwin, and Harold Arlen were performed, and people began asking me if I would record some of these songs.  That was the spark that led to the MAKE IT MAGICAL project.

After 2 CD releases of original material ("HEGEL2 – displays" and "ROAD SIGNS") I decided I wanted to record a CD that included some of the cover songs I used to perform at the wineries.  I took the idea to my producer, Harper Hug, at Thunder Underground Recording Studio in Palm Springs.  Both of us were adamant that only real musicians should be hired, and that we would make a record like records used to be made - (no computerized sounds or vocal enhancements).  We quickly recorded 10 guitar/piano vocal demos of the songs I had in mind for the project (5 originals and 5 covers), and Harper said he would play them for some people, line up some musicians, and get back to me.


Harper called me the next day and asked if it would be all right if Robby Krieger co-produced the album.  I inquired, “You mean Robby Krieger from The Doors?”  Harper said, yes, he had played a couple of the demos for Robby, and Robby really liked what he heard and wanted to be involved.  Harper did not have to ask me twice.


And that is how the MAGIC started.  In my first meeting with Robby he told me how much he liked what he heard, especially the original material.  Robby asked to hear some more of my songs, and the project quickly went from 5 originals and 5 covers to 11 originals.


And the MAGIC continued.  The group of amazing musicians that Robby, Harper, and engineer Michael Dumas brought together was a veritable who’s who.  Bob Glaub and Mario Calire played bass and drums; Doug Pettibone was enlisted for guitar, banjo and ukulele; Elliott Randall added guitars all the way from London; Lee Thornburg played trumpet, valve trombone, and flugelhorn; Richard T Bear and Ronnie King joined Rob on the keyboards, and Robby added his brilliant and unique sound and ideas to every track.  We had our first recording session in December 2014, and all of the tracks were mixed and mastered by the end of April 2015.  The dedication toward the project from all the musicians, and especially Harper and Robby will always be astounding to me.

It was a truly joyful and rewarding experience.  I certainly hope you enjoy listening to the songs on "MAKE IT MAGICAL" and will watch the videos as we release them.  Go to the CONTACT page and send an email letting me know what you think!

co-produced by Robby Krieger (The Doors) and Harper Hug
11-songs featuring some of the finest musicians on the planet

Available to download everywhere

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