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TOMMY, JUDY AND ME is Rob's 4th album release from Red Lips Records and CDBaby.  It is a collection of Rob's studio masters and demos that have been unavailable until now.  Spanning 50 years of writing and recordings, the album features the version of his banned cult-classic "Tommy, Judy and Me" that you heard on the radio in 1980. 

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Rob's broad range of musical influences include homages to Goffin and King, Lennon and McCartney, Nilsson, a bow to Broadway’s Lerner and Lowe, a nod to Arlen, and deep respect for Dylan, and Newman.  This mixed bag of inspirations is reflected in Rob's diverse and unique writing style so evident in the songs on his latest release TOMMY, JUDY AND ME +23 For The Record and throughout his long career.  Whether it’s the disco smash "SINNER MAN" for Sarah Dash, his banned cult-classic "TOMMY, JUDY & ME," the witty "DO IT FOR OUR COUNTRY" featured in the movie GREASE 2, or the top 20 Air Supply and #1 L.U.S.T. reggae hit, "JUST AS I AM," Rob has never written the same song twice.


As a staff songwriter for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame legend, Don Kirshner, Rob wrote songs for several television projects including Norman Lear's "A Year At The Top" starring Mickey Rooney and Paul Shaffer, Alan Landsburg's "The Kids From C.A.P.E.R." starring John Lansing and Steve Bonino, and the theme songs for "Kirshner's Rock Concert" and "Stick Around" starring Andy Kaufman.

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